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Automation arm of Fraser Group, offer clients a wide variety of services which include both instrumentation and process automation.
Working closely with technology partners to deliver complete solutions.
Our staff members have up to 40 years’ experience in the Oil & Gas industry, general industry, telecommunication, power and utilities. We assist and guide our clients competently through complex decision making in selecting the best and most competitive designs and solutions for the project at hand.

We undertake complete design and engineering from concept to final acceptance. We utilize the latest technology within all aspect for the complete range of products and services offered.
Our competence are wide-ranging internationally with clients from all parts of the world, developed over many years of personal and professional interaction at all levels .

Metering Systems

With a combined application experience of > 40 years and working with international clients we provide highly skilled and effective solutions for all gas, liquid and wet gas measurements. With extensive hands-on experience and a strong group of engineering and project management team, we offer complete solutions in accordance to international standards and requirement: -


Consultancy (Feed/execution stage)

Initial stage application knowledge saves CAPEX

Design & Engineering

Efficiency and know-how for measurement and uncertainties.


Productivity, standardization and experience.

Commissioning and validation

Hand-on experience.

Service level agreement

Long term, customer-centric


American Petroleum Institute MPMS standards American Gas Association (AGA 3, AGA 6, AGA 7, AGA 8, AGA 9 ) ISO 3171, ISO 5167, ISO 6976, ISO 17089

Smart Metering

With our partners we have the expertise to provide and support smart metering equipment. Solutions are based on the latest technology standard for energy metering and energy information acquisition towards users and other metering points

Power and Energy

As an integrated service provider, we have extensive experience for power and energy sectors to provide EPCC services for :-

  • Solar power
  • Waste to energy
  • Biomass Energy
  • SCADA and telemetry
  • Distribution and automation
  • Instrumentation and Electrical


Bukit Fraser Thermal Technology specialises in the design and supply of a full range of heat transfer and proess equipment for the oil and gas, power genration and general process industries, as follows:

  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Helixchangers
  • Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers
  • Double Pipe Heat Exchangers
  • Multi-Hairpin Heat Exchangers
  • Fired Heaters (direct and indirect)
  • Hot Oil Systems
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Columns & Towers
  • Launchers & Receivers
  • Waste Heat Recovery Systems
  • Oil, Gas and Solid Fuel Fired Boilers
First Wave


At Savvius, we understand that keeping your network running tomorrow depends on getting the insights you need today. Have questions about your network availability, performance issue detection, or root cause analysis? Our solutions provide the answers.

First Wave

FirstWave provides safety through the most accessible and adaptive cloud-based cyber-security solutions.
The solution is affordable, easy and fast to implement enabling security as a service.

Our machine learning and API technologies automate, accelerate and optimise cloud-security delivery, threat protection and security management. This unique proprietary cloud platform orchestration is available for service providers and enterprises of any size, anywhere.